First look “Call It What You Want” the First Thailand-Taiwan BL series.

Here are details and the first promo picture for the new upcoming BL series “Call It What You Want” with the synopsis and the official poster!

After the success of the film series “Present Perfect” (2017-2020) and phenomenal BL series 2moons2 (2019) the director Aam Anusorn announced that he going to have his new BL series that cooperated with Thailand and Taiwan for the first time ever, 

“CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT” is about the BL industry following the director, James, who was cheated on by his boyfriend. In the middle of the process of the film, which James had planned for a long time, the film got canceled. He was depressed for a while until P’Tee from the MTH production , he called James and wanted him to collaborate with him in his new series “2 Nights” in which James agreed. At the MTH Production company, he met Bas and Ait, both are the lead actors in the new series that he was working on, they both had pressure from the agency regarding the way they have to act and what they have to eat. James realized becoming BL’s actor is harder than his thought.  Meanwhile, James’ friend “Marco”, a Taiwanese model, has been staying in Thailand for a couple of years. He’s been in love with James for a while now but chose not to confess his feelings and instead took care of his friend. One of James’ jobs was to give the boys acting lessons and by doing that he and Ait got closer, however, they couldn’t make it official because the company was opposed to them dating, so they decided to date in secret. Bas and Marco by that time had already felt that there was something going on between those two, so Bas decided to keep quiet but jealousy got the best of Marco and made him possessive of James. Bas had secrets of his own, a dark one at that, he got a serious problem with P’Tee the producer and didn’t know who to turn to for help. 

How can Bas survive this catastrophic event? 

Will Marco turn against James or will he confess his feelings? 

Are James and Ait gonna get caught? Will their love story survive in an industry? 

And what are people gonna call about this kind of relationship? 


The first episode starts in 2021 and the official trailer will arrive on the end of 2020.

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